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Moto Tours

Tours are carefully created to provide versatility and uniqueness. Each individual tour brings something special, whether you prefer to ride along the seaside, over the mountains or maybe the green hills of North Croatia are more of your thing. Hell, maybe even the combination of everything, we have you covered.
In our offer we have Guided and Self guided motorbike tours from 1 day up to 14 days also if you have your own tour idea we offer Taylor made guided tours.


The guide will be fully committed to the mototour group since we keep our riding groups tight – 7 to 10 people in each. If you like to ride alone on your bike you can, but you’re also welcome to share.


After a long day beating the tracks, we believe everyone deserves a nice shower and a comfortable bed. Rest is the key! On all of the stops, you’ll have a proper resting place, the best available accommodation in the cities and villages we visit. That means 4* hotel grade accommodation where possible, or similar where it’s not. Rest assured – comfortable mattress is a thing to worry about!

Local Food

Nothing can be truly explored if the authentic local cuisine hadn’t been tasted. It’s just we strongly believe in and in our eyes – is set in stone! As you embark on this journey, be sure that your bellies will thank you, because Balkans is known for its unique blend of cultures that reflects in the local recipes. From the seafood delights of the Adriatic to the “peka” or “saće” dishes of the hinterland, you’re up for a treat.